Everyone has a story.

Let me help you share yours.


Hi! I'm Shelby Larsson, a marketing + publicity consultant. I’ve worked with scrappy small businesses, big online retail, mission-driven non-profits, and just about everyone in between.  

Here’s what excites me: food, history, cities, farms, architecture, design, books, and unique retail experiences. (I get excited a lot.) When I put them all together, I see that they’re the pieces of what makes places unique. These are life’s delightful details that give that extra little oomph, that special sense of place.

Mostly, I'm a sucker for a great story… and I’m guessing you probably have an amazing one to tell.


I can help you...

  • Establish your brand’s identity

  • Write engaging marketing copy to tell people who you are.

  • Share your story with an effective publicity campaign.

  • Create an authentic and workable social media plan to help you grow.

  • Refine your marketing strategy.

  • Identify smart advertising opportunities to help you reach your targeted audience.

Current + Recent Projects 

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My current project: working with flexible mobile retail start-up Flexetail to establish a marketing and publicity strategy, strong web presence and active social media following. With an idea as innovative as these mobile tiny shops, it’s impossible not to think about business development at every turn. Everyone who hears about Flexetail has an idea of how or who should be using it next – do you? Please share!

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Perigold needed to introduce their growing audience to the premium home brands that were together - in one place - for the first time.

With #perigoldprofiles, we created a series of brand stories and a corresponding social media/digital marketing campaign to ensure a deeper, richer, experience for customers. 

roasted radishes.png

My Kitchen Chalkboard: Seasonal Menus for Modern New England Families

Working with author Leigh Belanger and Union Park Press, we created an award-winning cookbook that aims to help busy families answer the ever-important question: "what's for dinner?!"